Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Numeropath Admin - Software by Pelagian Softwares Predictions Guest Book Edit Page Logout Add to TABLE: Predictions NUMERO PREDICTIONS ==================== Date 6/6/2012* Number 1 * D day is fine for stretching ur wings of imagination wider.Fine day for following creative n aesthetic pursuits,arranging outings,marine adventures,boating n voyaging.Dealers of silver n pearls will earn better.U will like to view every problem wid a psychological bend of mind n will be able to handle d situation positively. Number 2 * Take gud care of health n diet n assure purity of drinking water.Avoid sailing today.Domestic n professional liabilities will be ur chief concern.Social n literary circle will also expand.Don't move property today. Number 3 * D day favour u a lot n u will be gained by ur personal efforts as well as boon of stars.Fine day for merchant navy,shipping sector,fishermen,dealers n exporters of sea related yields,silver n pearls.Invest in gold n property.Academicians n poets will gain distinct identity. Number 4 * U will be more inclined towards creative n aesthetic pursuits,roaming,marine adventures,voyaging.Shipping sector n merchant navy ,dealers of silver,pearls n sea related yields will gain better. Number 5 * D day is neutral for personal attainments,but luck is not going to favour u much .Some legal case related to property might be problematic for u today.Don't move property today n guard against losses likely to occur due to heat ,fire n short circuit. Number 6 * Ur daily targets will be achieved unhindered.Avoid indulgence in heated discussions.D day is fine for following literary pursuits n social concern activities.Fine day for interior decoration of ur home n office.Endeavour to retain a composed mind n avoid indulgence in discussions.Don't transact property today. Number 7 * D day boosts ur energy lavel n ur creative skills.Stretch wider wings of ur imagination.D day brings special favours to merchant navy,shipping n fisheries sector,merchant navy,dealers n exporters of silver,pearls,gold, sea related yields.Don't start any legal issues realted to property today. Number 8 * D day is smooth going for u n luck will favour u in matters of property.Dealers of mustard oil,gold n property will be better gainers.Domestic n professional liabilities will be smoothly performed. Number 9 * Ur personal attainments will be neutral today.Favourable day for defence n judicial services,dealers of arms n ammunition,fuel,multi colored precious stones n land related yields. www.numeropath.com